What is the Subconscious Mind: The answers that all achievers know and you should too

Our thinkers and philosophers, ‘teachers’ and discoverers have been propagating the idea of the subconscious mind for a long time. Questions like what is the subconscious mind? What is the subconscious mind capable of, etc. have always intrigued the common mass.

Thankfully, time and again we were guided by enlightened souls who gave us a clear picture of the capabilities of the subconscious mind.


What is subconscious mind anyways?

Subconscious mind is the seat of infinite wisdom that lies within you.It is like the genie that Aladdin possessed. It is functioning all the time and is responsible for keeping your heart beating, digesting the food, maintain your blood pressure, your body temperature. You get the idea …

Along with the vital life-sustaining functions, it plays the most important role in shaping your life.

It takes input from the people around you, your beliefs ( which is nothing but the cumulative average of your friends, relatives, parents, teachers and society in general) and molds your life accordingly.

You complained to God incessantly about how your life turned out to be. Now you know the reason. It was you. It was always you.

what is the subconscious mind

What is your subconscious mind capable of?

The first step to subconscious awakening is to understand the potential of the unconscious. Once you realize what is the subconscious mind capable of, then you can program it effectively with meditation, visualization exercises, and affirmations.

Read here about simplest meditation technique that you can practice anywhere.

You can train your subconscious to remove any traces of self-doubt and fear.

For instance, a recent poll shows that people are more afraid of public speaking than death itself. If you too find yourself sweating at the thought of speaking in public, then it has more to do with your subconscious belief than any other factor.

People since your childhood have been judging you for your every action and as a consequence of that, your fear rejection.

This fear is but a false image that you hold in your mind. All that is required is to alter the belief by replacing it with a stronger and positive one.

Visualize yourself speaking to a large crowd. See the happy faces appreciating your knowledge on the subject and the charisma that you carry. They are acknowledging the positive vibes that you are generating and applauding after you conclude.

Strengthen this image with positive affirmations.

Read here about affirmations and how they affect the subconscious mind

People are using this technique in almost every field now. Actors, athletes, corporate giants all are acknowledging the wonder that affirmation and visualizations have brought in their life.

A man is but the product of his thoughts; what he thinks, he becomes-  Mahatma Gandhi


What is the role of subconscious mind in your success or failure?

We all have failed at something, and that is what is ‘human’ about us.

We’ve failed at our business, sometimes relations, sometimes at our high school exams. We still had the courage to pick ourselves, dust ourselves and move on.

It is very common for us to beat ourselves at our failure but remember that it is equally important to cherish the small and big victories that led you here.

Always remember to take pride in what you have achieved for this gives you the necessary ‘escape velocity’ for your next challenge.

Now coming back to the role of subconscious mind, subconscious guides us through intuitions and hunches.

If you begin to act on your intuitions that your subconscious suggests, then you will trigger into motion a series of life-transforming events. You can then use the energy of your success to help you guide when making another decision and this snowballs into your massive success.

All the great men and women who made their mark on history have acknowledged the role of intuition in their success. Right from Buddha to Socrates, Einstein to Gandhi all have confessed to being guided by their intuitions or the inner voice.

John Kehoe in his epic book “ Mind Power” talks in depth about intuitions and he concludes the section with a remark from a Harvard Business Review Article on high-ranking corporate executives by Henrey Mintzberg.

In the article, Henrey mentions that all the top notch executives were constantly relying on their hunches for any problem that was too complex for rational thinking. He concluded:

Success does not lie in that narrow-minded concept called rationality; it lies in a blend of clear-headed logic and powerful intuition

This is exactly what I have been writing about for some time now. If we only rely on the potential of the conscious mind, then we limit ourselves to the knowledge we know. We can search again and again for the answers but still feel lost. Learn to awaken your intuitions (More on this later ..)

Here is an interesting addition to the list of stories that I have already shared in the earlier posts.

Elias Howe is applauded for the invention of the sewing machine. He had worked for years trying to perfect the design for the machine but always was a small detail away from a perfect design. It is said that he received inspirations in his dream where he saw that he has been captured by the savages who were pointing strange spears at him. He noticed that there was a hole at the tip of their spears. He awoke with the solution for his design. The hole has to be at the tip of the needle.

subconscious mind factsSecretSifu Tip: If you want to increase further your chance to succeed in all walks of life then start practicing gratitude for all the things and people around you. Don’t just be thankful for the obvious but also the tiniest of things that affect you in a positive way. This will fill your subconscious with the thoughts of abundance, and the same experience will return to you manifold.

What is the connection between subconscious mind and Visualizations

Visualizations help create a cast into which we pour our energy.

The best time to speak to the subconscious is just after we wake up or before going to sleep for this is the equilibrium point where there is not much interference from the logical part of the brain, and we can pass the desired version of our goals to the subconscious mind.

The reason I stress on this time is because this is the moment when the conscious mind is slowly giving up the control and it will not label our desires as ridiculous or unachievable ( you can imagine yourself as opulent as you wish to be).

Once we begin to attach feelings and emotions to these images, then our subconscious mind will start working on it to bring it to reality. You will start getting ideas in your shower or when you are driving. I get most of my business ideas during my morning prayers.

Our reality is nothing but a web of energy.

This is an established truth in the field of science. Everything that we see around us is a form of vibrations. Hence it only seems logical that our focussed thoughts, repeated visualizations and our deeply held beliefs ( all of which are a form of vibrations themselves) can alter our reality.

One of the quotes I absolutely love is from the genius himself, Albert Einstein

Everything is energy and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get it. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is physics.

How to build a definite action plan and achieve it?

The subconscious mind can prepare the meal for you but you have to eat it yourself.

If you do not devise a definite plan and act on it then all of this translates to nothing but wishful thinking.

For e.g., If you want abundance in your life and command your subconscious with the right images and beliefs, then it will provide you with a business idea or a potential business partner, an idea for a book, etc.

Once you receive the inspiration then you need to devise a definite plan to achieve those goals.

Here is the strategy that has worked for me.  This is an adapted version of how we plan things in our software industry. You can add or modify on this as per your style.

  • Write your primary goal with a definite target date. It is critical that you give yourself and your subconscious a target date. Do not skip on this.
  • Create the list of broad actions items that you need to take to achieve that goal. For e.g. if your primary goal was 10000USD by end of Oct 2017 then your action items could be ‘publish 3 book‘(kindle publishing is on rage these days),’increase sales by 150%’, ‘increase affiliate income by 200%’.
  • Now break this action item into a list of definite, targeted tasks.
  • Put all you got. There is no half way here.

Do not let your mind trick you that this is all a waste of time. You need to let the subconscious mind work its magic and give the time to the universe to take its course.

Your attitude in this ‘waiting period’ will determine your success.

So inscribe these letters in your mind that ‘No matter how hard it is or how bad it gets, I am gonna make it.

There is an exciting fact about a particular species of bamboo called ‘Chinese Bamboo.’ It is said there is almost no visible growth for 4-5 years and then just like magic, it grows to about 80 feet in 6 weeks. All this while it was developing the root system to support its massive growth.

What we think or what we know or what we believe is, in the end, of little consequence. the only consequence is what we do -John Ruskin

what is the subconscious mind

So to sum it up, you need to realize what is your subconscious mind capable of, acknowledge the inspirations and intuitions and build a clear, targeted and a kickass action plan.

Stay Blessed

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