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Universal laws of attraction are the most fundamental law which governs all of us. It draws people in our life, pushes them away, creates life changing opportunities and closes many doors. 

This principle by itself is neutral.It does not favor anyone but produces results based on some fundamental rules.

So many before Newton had observed the apple fall, but only after Law of Gravitation was laid down by Newton, people started relating the events by the governing principle.

Similar is the case with the law of attraction.

We observe the situation and events around us, accepting it as our fate. What if you were told that all the events that have shaped your life were a result of what YOU had knowingly or unknowingly drawn to your life.

Only if you knew about the universal laws of attraction, you could have used this knowledge to bring a huge change to your life.

First of all, let us talk about the basic question.

subconscious mind          subconscious mind          subconscious mind          subconscious mind          subconscious mind

What is the law of attraction

Law of attraction is the principle by which you attract or ward off situations, people or events in your life. This universal law which is always at work brings the thoughts and ideas which you constantly think about, to reality.

Therefore, if your thoughts are positive and harmonious, your life becomes so. If you are always in a state of desperation and need, then you get more of the same.

Understand the fact that you get more of what you already feel.

This law is as real as the law of gravitation, electromagnetism, and so on.To achieve the correct result, in the case of these scientific principles, you need to work with the fixed set of rules and equations.

Similarly, to see the benefits of the attraction principle miraculously change your life, we need to be aware of the underlying knowledge.

universal laws of attraction

Science behind the law of attraction

The science behind the law of attraction is based on the fact that ‘like gathers like.’

The positive thoughts and beliefs draw you close to positive and favorable situations.

Science has come very close to quantifying thoughts. There have been thousands of experiment where focussed thoughts have been found to modify matter. Let us put a little more light on this.

Many great researchers including Einstein have established that everything around us, is one or other form of vibration. Now your thoughts have a particular wavelength as well.

Also, it is known that when waves are in the same phase, they superimpose and amplify whereas when they are not in phase, they interfere destructively.

So, if we put all these pieces together, we can easily deduce the fact that positive thoughts or positive vibrations will amplify the positive situation in our life whereas negative thoughts with their negative vibration will cancel out any good that is coming our way.

Our thoughts create our reality.

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality and you cannot help but get it. It can happen no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.

-Albert Einstein

What role does subconscious play in establishing the universal laws of attraction?

If the law of attraction is your train to the life of your dreams, then subconscious is the driver of that train.

Subconscious has infinite potential and unlimited resources at its disposal. When you imbue your mind with thoughts of affirmation, what you do is pass on a clear blueprint to your subconscious.

Then this genie within gets working and will either bring you in contact with the correct person or arrange the right resources to help you realize your goals.

Subconscious does not work on logic. It cannot differentiate good from bad. Hence it is imperative that you do not let destructive thoughts stay in your mind.

 universal laws of attraction

Does the law of attraction really work?Common misconceptions about Law Of Attraction

Some skeptics claim this to be a dippy hippy affair. It is far from that. It has changed lives of many in manners which is nothing short of magic.

Relate to these words of Buddha. No wonder he was the enlightened one. 

what we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow. Our life is the creation of our mind”.

Now look closely at this saying from Gandhi –

Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed. Always aim at purifying your thoughts and everything will be well”.

The list goes on. Some of the most brilliant people of our times have professed to the idea of the law of attraction.

How to train your subconscious to attract the things that you need?

Now we will discuss how you can convey your desire to the subconscious. The first thing you need to understand about this system is that you need to do it with utmost conviction and faith.

Your subconscious will only be able to manifest your vision, if and only if it is crystal clear.

Just relate it to the scenario that you are in a cab and want to go to a particular place. You need to tell the driver the exact detail of the place.The more accurate and specific the details, the sooner and easier it is for the driver to take it to your destination. You will reach nowhere if you keep changing your instruction to the driver.

subconscious mind          subconscious mind          subconscious mind          subconscious mind          subconscious mind

Let me put down the steps to be followed for a couple of scenarios, in brief, which people ask for frequently.

If it is perfect health you desire:

  • Relax yourself first.
  • Put aside any other thoughts which might distract you. Your condition should be somewhat similar to a sleepy state.
  • Now as you close your eyes, feel that you are already in a perfectly healthy condition.
  • Your subconscious which has all the knowledge about your body mechanism is releasing its healing power to bring you into a state of harmony.
  • Feel the gratitude for all the organs, cells and your limbs for working perfectly.
  • Visualize yourself as fit and healthy.
  • Repeat this 2-3 times in a day.

If it is the money you desire:

  • Before going to bed and after waking up, when you are quiet and at peace, think and visualize that you already have the resources that you seek.
  • Feel the ecstasy and joy of having acquired the money and resources that you were seeking.
  • Visualize in detail about your house, your bank account, your neighborhood, your car.
  • Attach emotions, sound, smell, anything and everything that will make your visualization more clear and precise.
  • Repeat this 2-3 times in a day.

Last thoughts …

It is especially important to note that you should pray or visualize in a manner as if your prayer has already been answered. Do not put in desperation and the feeling of neediness in your thoughts.

If you do this with full conviction and discipline, you will start seeing good omens. Your brain will be rewired with the new thoughts.

All the feeling of fear, doubt and procrastination will go away. You will be consumed with the thought of achieving your goal and that my friend is half the battle you would have won.

subconscious mind factsDo let us know your thoughts on the universal laws of attraction and if there is anything in particular that you wish to know more about.

Stay Blessed

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