The little things are the big players: 7 reasons to start paying attention now

What are the little things in your life that you should be paying attention to? Why is it so necessary to sweat the small stuff when we have been trained all our lives to ignore the little things.

I have spent many of my yesteryears living from one milestone to the other. I was so focused on the big goals that I never really gave any importance to the little things like merry talking with my parents, helping the neighbor, eating right and dancing with friends.

It is when I lost a close friend I realized that life is not always about the big occasions, exotic holidays, delicious food and expensive clothing but enjoying the little things together that stay with you for your life.

Let me give you an example about the little things that matter.

I love trying new food joints and also expensive restaurants. There is one particular restaurant though that recently became my favorite.

It was not because of the food, which was decent or the cutlery or the interiors. It was because of the manager that made our experience better than most of the five star. I recall it was a weekend evening and naturally, there was a lot of rush in the restaurant.

Our order had not yet come and we complained about the delay.

The manager was most polite and his smile and sincere apologies calmed us a bit. To add to that he quickly brought some snacks for us to nibble for the time being. Then the food came. We liked it but my nephew who is four years old was not in the mood to eat anything at all.

The manager must have noticed this for he brought a small bag of fries and a bowl of ice cream for him. We thanked him and then suddenly my brother joked that he should have got ice creams for all of us. To our utter surprise, we were indeed served a bowl of ice cream each after we finished our meal. The end result. We went and thanked the manager. Gave a heartfelt feedback to his supervisor and became their regular customer.

The beauty is in the little things.


 The daily little smiles

Do not wait for the big occasions to celebrate. Enjoy the daily success with as much joy as you would do when you win a million dollars.

Take out time when you are rushing through your office to smile at your colleagues, the office guards, strangers. The little things like holding the door, holding the lift will bring a smile on people’s face and all those smiles will reflect back at you.

I have always heard people say that they are having the worst day of their life but rarely anyone who says the opposite. You were stuck in traffic, late for work, kid’s not well, etc. etc.

See, these challenges will always be there till the time you are alive. You have spent enough time fretting over these trivial discomforts. Now, going forward, make a point to do away with the complaining and enjoy the little treasures that you get through your day.

Try bringing a smile on someone’s face daily and you will see how it brightens up your day.

the little things


The little moments of love for healthy Relationship

Your commitment to a relationship is not only defined by the exotic holidays and expensive gifts but sharing the little moments of love on a regular basis.

Surprise your spouse by bringing flowers not only on Valentine’s Day or birthdays but because you want to see a smile on their face today. Look out for chances to make him/ her happy as you did when you started this relation.

The problem arises when we gradually slip from ‘being the giver’ in the relation to becoming a ‘seeker’. If you want to maintain the love in the relationship then you have to learn to give. It is only then you receive back the love manifold.

I have had friends who were crazy about some girl only to break up as soon as they got committed. In most of the cases, it was the expectations that killed the relations. It is not wrong to expect love in return but do that only when you have honestly put your heart out.

I have been married for some time and by the grace of God, things have been nothing short of wonderful. I love to do the little things like making the bed, buying her favorite chocolates, getting her cute slippers and roses and watch her smile and go aww.

The reason I am telling you this is not to claim that my relationship is perfect or something but to stress upon the fact that the love is in the little things.


The little caution daily for better Health

How would you feel when you wake up one morning and find that you have gained over a hundred pounds? You would go crazy.

Yet we do not exercise caution, every time we tend to over eat. There is something with the human psychology that tends to ignore the long term effect and is worried only about the immediate dangers.

We have all the information available at our finger tips about what we should eat, how much calories to intake based upon our body structure, and the minimum steps that we should be taking every day to maintain a healthy body.

But do we do that?

We make a resolution to go to the gym, only when we do not fit in our clothes, we decide to go on a drinking sabbatical only when the doctor warns us about our liver.

Practice the little things like eating the right quantity of food, taking stairs rather than the lift, walking down few blocks rather than using the two wheeler.

You could come up with our own list only if you start giving importance to the benefits of the little things that can improve the overall quality of your life.


Devil is in the detail

Have you observed an athlete or a musician practice?

They will go over the same piece again and again. To an untrained eye, it might seem unnecessary but they are well aware that it is the little things can hamper them the most.

A small thorn can cause a traveler to stop. A small virus can bring us down. It is as the proverb says that the Devil lives in the detail and it will pounce upon and bring them down if they failed to prepare for the little things.


The little rituals that add to your success

I have read numerous books and attended many seminars on finding that one formula for success. The gist of many hours of formulae hunting is that in order to taste the sweet nectar of success, we need to have a high degree of reverence for our daily rituals.

Our motivation is sky high when we set out on our journey to success but as many of us must have experienced, the motivation goes off gradually.

Check this amazing article on the list of things to help with Self Improvement.

We need to stick to the little things that we had identified when we started on our journey. When Michael Phelps was interviewed after he became the Olympic legend to win seven gold medals in 9 days, he mentioned that he had not taken a single day off from his routine in five years.


Handle the little things with Integrity

I came across this very meaningful quote from Bible, “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.”

This clearly highlights how people will judge you if you fail to handle the little things with integrity. People notice if you have a habit of turning up late for a meeting,  if you make a commitment and fail to keep it, if you borrow money and do not return it on time.

Your actions are a reflection of your core values.

Pay close attention to how you to treat people. Everyone is fighting their own battle. Be gentle to not only your seniors but your subordinates and strangers.

The little act of Kindness

I remember once seeing an elderly lady by the roadside requesting people for something. She came to me and asked me for some money to buy food. I was surprised because for the money she was requesting, she wouldn’t even get a bread. I gave her enough money to get a dectwo-time meal.

It is still hard to forget the love and affection radiating from her face. I have never received such sincere blessings even in a temple.

What are we if we do not even stand for each other.

No matter how much you earn, you would find a way to spend it but if you can bring a smile to someone’s face, it will be with you for life time.

In most of the cases, you do not even need to spend a dime to show little act of kindness. Help a colleague who is struggling with his work, babysit for your neighbour who needs to go out on emergency, speak to an elderly person.

There are online communities where people are signing up to show their random acts of kindness.

The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation ( was established for people committed to spreading kindness.

At , readers share their stories of helping people all in the name of kindness.


Hope you liked the idea of giving importance to the little things and rejoicing in the wonders they can bring to your life. Every day will turn to be special if you start celebrating the little joys in life.

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Stay Blessed


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