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What is subconscious mind training and why do we need it? This is one of the longer posts that I have written mainly because of the importance of the subject. Read it, bookmark it, make notes and most importantly implement it in your life.

Wake Up and Live!

No one was destined to be unhappy, poor or mediocre, consumed with fear and worry, or suffering from ill health. We have the power within to overcome any adversity and attain happiness, health, and prosperity.

This can be duly achieved by subconscious mind training and reprogramming the subconscious for success.

You have the power to enrich your life. The best part is that there is no secret. It has been preached and discussed for millennia. Remember, the last scene of Kung Fu Panda 1?

The secret ingredient is You.

 Subconscious Mind Training: Step #1 – Acknowledge the presence

The first step towards subconscious mind training is to acknowledge the presence of your subconscious. You have to believe in its capabilities and its potential to transform your life in remarkable ways.

You have given it different names in the past. Your gut feeling, intuitions, vibes, inner voice, etc.

Understand that decisions are not always made by the conscious mind because conscious mind works on logic. In most of the cases, we do not have all the information we need to take a firm decision.

Now, if you develop a strong method to listen to your subconscious, you will never falter.

You have to request and at times command your subconscious of what it is you desire.

Stop looking for the answers outside. The answers to your life are within you

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Subconscious Mind Training: Step #2 – Understand the working

The most important step to master any subject is to understand the basics. What makes it work and what doesn’t.

There are millions of people worldwide who have applied the principles and achieved miraculous transformations in their lives.

Subconscious is like a core computer program that dictates our actions, behaviors, emotions, choices and eventually our lives. If we want to change the output, we need to rewrite the programs embedded inside.

Our subconscious has assimilated every information since our childhood. It has taken into consideration all the input it received from people around us and our own response to these suggestions. It used these inputs to create our reality.

It is our subconscious beliefs that govern our habits and behavior, our temperament, attitude, the way we see the world and the way we think about our self.

The subconscious mind works on repetition. Whatever we feed it regularly, it spews out the same.

Whatever we think, we become. With our thoughts we create our world – Buddha

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Subconscious Mind Training: Step #3 – Believe in the possibilities

Do you remember the good old ‘He-Man and the Master of the Universe’. He would raise his sword and claim,  “ I have the Power” and he would transform from a regular guy to well, He-Man .

This is something similar to what we need to realize.

The possibilities are endless to what a human mind can do.

There is nothing stronger in this universe than a made up human mind. We are flying at supersonic speed, diving into the deepest parts of the ocean, scaling mountains, curing diseases and it is the human mind which has enabled you to read this article which was probably written and published from a different continent.

If people have come so far, you sure can achieve your goal too. Let me rephrase. It is necessary that you achieve your goals. You need to step up because your desire to rise has been created by the Universe itself. It needs you.

The starting point to your journey is to reprogram your subconscious.

Your subconscious has the blueprint of the functioning of every cell in your body. It can give you the health and body you desire. If you fill your subconscious with the thoughts of abundance and prosperity, it will conjure up the resources and manifest the same.

As within, so without

People have used the principles to achieve health, abundance, nurturing relations, rewarding careers and what not. Even if you are still skeptical, it won’t hurt you to give it a try. But, when you intend to do it, you have to do it right to see its rewards come falling in avalanches.

Subconscious Mind Training: Step #4 – Identify the tools

Every process has its tools without which it is not possible to achieve the results.

Subconscious programming has its own tools. These tools basically involve a change in your mindset and if you keep few nuggets in mind, you will gracefully find your way to success and abundance.

Like everything in life, it takes time to perfect these methods. But, if you recall learning a new game, it is difficult in the beginning. You do it for the sheer fun of it and gradually, you become an expert.

Step #4.1 – Meditation

subconscious mind training

No matter how smart our phones become, they still would need to be charged. Even if you have the fanciest of cars, you still would need to stop at gas stations to refuel.

Meditation is that recharge or refueling process of the mind and soul.

It is the fundamental step towards realizing your subconscious. It helps in bypassing the conscious mind and look deeper than the thoughts which keep popping up in our mind.

Slowly as you progress in the art of meditation, you will come in touch with your deeper mind. You will experience the infinite that exists within you and a sense of tranquillity and bliss will consume you, every time you meditate.

Practicing meditation makes you in control of your thoughts and emotions. You will start making better judgments and above all, you will become super focussed.

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Action Required:

  1. Meditate daily
  2. Gradually increase the time for which you meditate and the frequency of meditation
  3. Once you get a good grasp on this, meditate upon the issue which troubles you.

Step #4.2 – Leverage Law of Attraction and Gratitude

It is an old adage to be thankful for what you have and if there is the only lesson that you take away from this post, it should be this one.

Gratitude fills your heart and subconscious with the thoughts of abundance and love. You get more of what gets imprinted in your unconscious mind.

As long as you are alive, you have something to be grateful for.

Start your day by feeling thankful about your family, your health, your business. Don’t crib about the bills but be grateful for the
services that you have used in exchange for the money.

Law of attraction works much the same way. It attracts or wards off people and resources based on what we think and choose to believe about ourself.

Even Einstein affirmed this by saying that if we match the frequency of the reality, we cannot help but get it.

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality and you cannot help but get it. It can happen no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.

-Albert Einstein


Action Required:

  1. Practise gratitude daily.
  2. Maintain a journal if possible to list down top ten things which happened during the day for which you are grateful. This allows you to browse through every good thing that happened to you. Do not just focus on the big reasons but also on small things which make your life easier.
  3. Maintain positivity in your thoughts. Replace fear with hope, hatred with love, envy with blessings and depression with faith. This is the law. As you thinketh, so shall it be.

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Step #4.3- Rewire by Positive Affirmations

positive thinking

Positive affirmations are positive self-talk that you do to rewire your brain for success and prosperity. They are one of the most cardinal tools that you have at your disposal for the subconscious programming.

Do you remember any one incidence from your college or high school days where your friend suggested you do something crazy? Even if all the logic asked you not to do it, you went ahead and did it. Maybe it was for sheer fun or a testament of your comradery.

Martin Luther King Jr. Steered the civil right movement by speaking to the hearts of millions of people. Gandhi led an entire nation against colonial rule by awakening the people to their rights.

They were not super-humans but they knew how to speak to the human soul and awaken the sleeping mass.

Such is the power of words.

Do not underplay your abilities. You are here to serve a bigger purpose. Align yourself with your goal and keep pushing. You have within you the same soul that has once overturned empires, enabled humans to fly and reached for the moons and stars.

Action Required:

  1. Practice positive self-talk.
  2. Frame the sentence in the present tense.
  3. Make it short and easy to remember.
  4. Repeat frequently till you realize and accept the full value of the idea.

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Step# 4.4 – Talk to your Subconscious and awaken your intuitions

If you wish to master the art of subconscious mind training, you have to learn to speak to your subconscious. Speak to it with full conviction and you shall receive the answer.

For instance, some time back, I was working in an MNC and had received a job offer from two different firms. They were small companies but were ready to pay well.

I was in a fix whether I should make a move in the first place and if I did, which one should I join. I could appear for only one interview because of leave constraints.

So, I passed this message to my subconscious, just before going to bed. “My subconscious which is all aware will guide me to the right decision. I am rewarded by a high paying job which makes full use of my talents.” There were some other words along the same lines.

I had decided to go for the first company.  Around four in the morning, I got high fever and I had to cancel out on the interview. So, I could not appear for either of the interviews.

However, the second firm called back on a Saturday. Scheduled a special interview. Gave me a senior post which I did not expect and a big pay cheque.

No, this is not a coincidence. Stop labeling anything that you do not understand as coincidence. There are no coincidences. It is all part of the scheme that you have created in your mind.

Subconscious is the seat of your intuitions.

The strong urge that you feel at times to take action is the subconscious talking to you. The more you connect with your deeper self, the better you will get at differentiating between your subconscious guidance and a random thought.

The conscious mind is time and space bound and limited to the knowledge that we have.

Subconscious mind is aware of what was, what is and what will be. Allow yourself to be guided by your intuitions.

I often ask for subconscious guidance when I don’t know the route to a place, or have to make a decision for which I am not sure. Begin by trying out small. Then you will slowly get better at this.

Action Required:

  1. Speak of your problems and challenges to your subconscious and believe that it will guide you with divine direction to the right path.
  2. Speak as if you have already achieved what you desire.
  3. Do not put desperation and need in your sentences.

P.S. –  I need to further emphasize on this point that you have to be very careful that you do not bring desperation in your messages and prayers. You have to plant the seed. You cannot force it to become a tree overnight. Let the laws of nature take care of that. Remember the time when you learned swimming. If you let yourself loose, you float. If you get anxious, you drown.

Step# 4.5 – Visualize your way to Success

Visualization is a very important step in subconscious mind training if not the most important.

Subconscious is like a photographic plate. It manifests whatever you impress upon it.

Have you been in a dream that felt so real that you woke up all happy or panting and covered in sweat? Your deeper minds cannot differentiate between what is real and what is not.

Mind trainers make use of this fact and advocate the use of visualization.

There was a training conducted to test the validity of this theory. Two groups of college basketball teams were formed. One was put to regular training program focussing on free throws for 3 weeks. The other group was asked to visualize shooting free throws. They were asked to visualize their stance, their posture, the angle, and imagine a perfect basket every time.

Any guesses for their result?? The second group reported a surprising efficiency of 80% as compared to group A.

Jim Carrey and Oprah are some of the biggest advocates of Visualization techniques. In case you were vacationing on Mars and missed the Oprah and Jim Carrey’s video, then here it is.

Action Required:

  1. Visualize about your goals. If your goal is financial well being then, visualize your beautiful house, your neighborhood, the lifestyle that will come with financial abundance.
  2. Get into the details. The color, the smell, the sound, the emotions you feel when you are living the dream life. The stronger the emotions, the clearer the message to your subconscious.
  3. Practice regularly. You will only get better at this. Once your deeper mind takes this to be true, you will find yourself motivated to take action and receive support in expected and unexpected ways in your journey.

Subconscious Mind Training: Step #5 – Walk the Talk

All the visualizations and affirmations will only be effective when you walk the talk.

You cannot be thinking about financial well-being and later complain about the lack of money and resources. You have to become the thing you wish to attract.

The second very important aspect of this knowledge is that you do not be disheartened or feel jealous of someone else’s success. The moment you feel jealous or criticize, you close the gates to your own prosperity.

If you see someone with a fancy car, wish him more. If you see someone covered in riches, wish him the very best. Smile and be happy about the success and the riches around you. When you do this, you develop a mindset about prosperity.

Our life is an expression of what we contemplate upon.

Action Required:

  1. Do not complain about anybody or anything. Complaints bring us more reasons to complain.
  2. Do not wait for the reason to change, like, I will be happy once I get a million dollar, or publish my book, or …. Be happy now and reverse engineer your way.

Subconscious Mind Training: Step #6 – Write your goals

Break down your goals and attach a deadline to every task.  This instills a healthy pressure on your conscious mind and passes a sense of importance of the activity to your subconscious.

Now the functioning of the subconscious is life-ward. If it realizes that the task at hand is of high importance then it puts all the resources to work to make it happen.

This is the reason why a mother can chase away ten people if she sees them as a danger to her child. This is also the reason we see athletes performing even after an injury.

You might have been in a situation where your body had given up. You thought you couldn’t move a limb but you pulled it off.

Yes, you can say it is adrenaline. But do you consciously choose to release them??

Action Required:

  1. Write down the main target and give it a deadline
  2. List down the steps you will need to take to achieve the target.
  3. Further break down the steps into actionable items.
  4. Stick to your schedule.

Subconscious Mind Training: Step #7 – Feed your Brain

You need different forms of motivation at different stages of your journey.  To keep pace, you need to empower yourself with new ideas and values.

What got you here will not get you there.

So, it is critically important that you turn yourself into a voracious reader.

I had drawn this analogy in the past that a river starts as a tiny stream. On its way, it gathers the strength of other streams till the time its power is absolute.

Connect with the ideas and thoughts of other through their work and learn from their experiences.

Feed your mind and soul with the inspiration drawn from books, articles, and videos.

Action Required:

  1. Start with at least 10 pages of reading daily and then build on the diet.
  2. Connect with amazing authors through  and and ( Mobile apps available).
  3. Don’t just read, execute. Pick one habit every quarter that seems worthwhile and make it part of your life.  Slowly you will realize that you have turned yourself into an indomitable force.

Subconscious Mind Training is to help you realize your true desires. It empowers you in ways that are beyond your conscious reasoning. Take charge of your life by reprogramming your subconscious for success.

It is important that you realize your goals so that you, in turn, become a beacon for many other souls who have set their sails in the discovery of their personal legend.

Stay Blessed

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