Positive Thinking: 7 thought provoking gems that will motivate you towards a positive life

As far as I can remember, life has always been a constant race and a challenge. Positive thinking and other concept did not even cross my mind as I was busy running my race.

I couldn’t help but feel dejected when I had to fight for every little achievement while others rejoiced in the lap of luxury with a little effort.

I was overcautious of what actions I take and avoided risks at any cost because in my mind I could imagine a thousand reasons of failure, pain, and embarrassment. As a result, every day I slept with dissatisfaction, unfulfilled aspirations and a sense of rejection.

Then slowly it all changed. As they say,

When the student is ready, the teacher appears

Positive thinking has touched and changed each and every aspect of my life for the better.

1. What does it exactly mean by Positive Thinking?

Positive thinking is not just about the silver lining and the glass half full versus half empty.

It is understanding the larger scale of things and connecting the dots forward.

Steve Jobs in his famous speech at Stanford said how we could understand the significance of each event in our lives once we connect the dots backward.

Similarly, if we develop the mindset of positive thinking, we will realize that each event is a piece of a giant puzzle and even though it may not make much sense right now, it is required to complete the final picture.

subconscious mind subconscious mind subconscious mind

2. Why do I need to develop the habit of positive thinking?

We are creatures of habit.

When we carry out a task, there is a new neural connection that develops in our brain, and if we repeatedly perform that function, then that connection is strengthened. This is how our repeated actions become our habit.

Learn how to make Positive Affirmation a daily habit.

Positive thinking if practiced regularly can develop into a powerful habit that will guide you towards a richer and fuller life.
Listed below are some of the benefits that Positive Thinkings brings to your life

Life before Positive Thinking Life after Positive Thinking
Frustrated and tired by every new challenge that comes Taking every obstacle as a new learning opportunity and deriving a sense of pride and pleasure after conquering it
Plagued by continuous feelings of envy at other’s success Appreciating the effort and dedication behind other’s success and understanding the gaps in our current strategy
Haunted by the feeling of the things we don’t have Being grateful for what we have and preparing ourselves for what we aspire
Disturbed by the fact that we have achieved so less and that our life is going nowhere Taking pride in the journey, you have covered and deriving power for the road ahead
Feeling dissatisfied with work Striving to do your part in the best possible manner
Dreaming of success but afraid to take action Being proactive in planning, strategising and improvising


subconscious mind subconscious mind subconscious mind

3. How I became an achiever from a dreamer?

Being born to a middle-class family, I had at an early age developed this mindset that life is a constant struggle. That feeling continued even when I got a job.

I desperately looked forward to my hard earned vacations to relish few moments of peace, leave alone happiness.

But, as I read more and more about the principles and concept of positive thinking, subconscious reprogramming and law of attraction, I realized that each day can be a celebration filled with love, gratitude and hope.

I understood that if I want to achieve something worthwhile, then I need to stop playing the victim.

Positive thinking turned out to be that magic pill that cured me of various mental illness like fear, insecurity, jealousy and hatred.

I now wake up every day with a feeling to do something wonderful.

Even before I start any task, I envision myself of having completed the task. This fills me with a sense of success and achievement. I derive power and energy from this positive feeling and begin my work with a firm resolve to only stop when I am done and not when I am tired.
Positive Thinking

4. Common mistakes that people do and fail

A lot of people whom I meet say, that, “I will be positive once I achieve my goals or when I get a million dollars or when I meet a perfect partner.”

Believe me, if you are a victim of negative mindset then, even if you achieve your goals, you will find someone doing better and whine.

How do you expect to find someone who will love you unconditionally when you are incapable of loving yourself.

Why do you think there are so many cases of people becoming an overnight success only to find themselves being bankrupt again. Not long ago I read the news of a rap sensation and a much-beloved Hollywood actor file for bankruptcy.

Most of us have this gut feeling to change for the better, and in many cases, we know the path we need to take. But the fear of failure leads to inaction.
In words of Nelson Mandela –

May your choices reflect your hopes and not your fear.

Read how to avoid mental blocks that hold you back.

I remember this particular conversation with my friend about Will Smith. I was showing him a video where Will is talking about Positive Thinking.

My friend somewhat unconvinced said, “Of course it is easy for him to talk about being positive now that he is wealthy and famous.”

Do you think my friend is right?

A significant portion of the billionaires and millionaires are self-made. It was their positive attitude coupled with their work ethics that got them there.

It is not true that you can stay positive only when you succeed.

You got to develop this habit of Positive Thinking first if you want success to come your way.

5. How complaining damages you mentally, physically and spiritually?

Complaining, whether be it about weather or traffic or some other person, has now become a socially accepted form of getting together.

Though it might feel like a harmless and often enjoyable activity, in reality, it does more harm than any good.

Biological damage:
I read about a research from Stanford University where they discovered that complaining shrinks the hippocampus—an area of the brain that’s responsible for problem-solving and intelligent thought. It is noteworthy that it’s one of the primary brain areas destroyed by Alzheimer’s.

Also, when you complain, your body releases the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol puts you into fight-or-flight mode. It directs oxygen, blood, and energy to the systems that are essential to immediate survival. As a result, it raises your blood pressure and blood sugar so that you’ll be prepared to either escape or defend yourself.

All the extra cortisol released by incessant complaining weakens the immune system and makes you more susceptible to high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

Spiritual Damage:
Whatever we focus on our life, grows. If we fall into this vicious habit of complaining, we get more of the events that we are complaining about.

It robs us of our mental peace and blocks our source of abundance and prosperity.

Hence, make a firm resolve to never indulge in any form of complaining.

The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human being can alter his Life by altering his Attitude – William James

subconscious mind subconscious mind subconscious mind

6. Is positive thinking the answer to all my worries?

Problems in your life will not vanish overnight, but you will learn to handle it better.

Here below are some of the changes that you start to observe in your life.

  • You will never again be worried about what is going to happen next because you are too engrossed in the present moment.
  • You will feel grateful for the little treasures that you get. It maybe a good discount, a hearty meal, an evening with your loved ones or perhaps a soulful music track.
    You will carve out your reasons to feel happy.
  • Problems and challenges are bound to come and they will but never again will you lose your precious mental peace.
    You perspective towards your problems will change. You will be more focused on the solution rather than curse your destiny.
  • Once you are free from the energy draining thoughts of fear, hatred, and jealousy, you will be enthusiastic about getting ahead in your life.

7. How to perfect this life-transforming idea?

Now we come to the most important part of how to even develop this habit but before that a little theory.

Since people nowadays understand better if we speak in terms of money, I will use the same analogy here.

Observe your thoughts for a week.

What if universe charged you a dollar for every negative thought that crosses your mind and rewarded you for the positive ones.
If you keep a close account of this transaction, you will get a fair idea of the reason of your current situation.

Keep the below points in your mind and include them in your daily habit.

  • Be grateful for what you have. Be it financially, or your relations or your physical fitness. Remember you get more of what you are thankful for.
  • Be patient in your approach. Once you sow the seeds, you have to wait for it to grow.There is a saying that

    Stress makes you believe that everything has to happen right now. Faith reassures you that everything will happen in their own time.

  • If you want something, for example, more money, then never be desperate about it. Instead, develop a positive mindset about money.
    Envision yourself of achieving what you desire. If your intent is right and your belief is strong, you will get what you desire.
    Learn more on the steps to train your subconscious for anything
  • Stand guard to your thoughts and convert your destructive thoughts into positive ones.
    For example, if you are haunted by thoughts of doubt and fear before you start any task, command your subconscious that you are capable of completing this task.
  • Practice positive affirmations. Positive auto suggestions coupled with positive thinking will turn your life into a magical experience.

positive thinking

subconscious mind facts Last Thoughts ..

Positive thinking is not saying random words and daydreaming for a better life. It is a scientifically proven lifestyle which has been tested and professed through ages.

Do share your views on living a life with Positive Thinking

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