Positive Affirmations: 11 must know daily tips if you want to live a quality life

Positive affirmations in layman’s term are positive self-talk that you do or negative talk that you don’t. It is not just a fancy, good to do habit but a scientifically proven, result driving method that will change your life in ways you cannot believe.

It will make you achieve great feat and bring a great sense of confidence, determination, and peace.

Have you observed, the edge of the well from where people draw water using a rope? The edges of the well get marked/engraved by the rope which is just a bundle of threads by the repeated upwards and downwards movement.

Such is the power of repetition.

We can, in a similar manner, create remarkable change to our life by the continued use of the laws of positive affirmations.

subconscious mind          subconscious mind         subconscious mind          subconscious mind          subconscious mind

1 .What are positive affirmations?

Positive affirmations are statements and words that you say out aloud repeatedly till they become a part of your subconscious mind.

When you say out loud, you listen. The more you listen, the more you start believing and once belief sets in then a neural pathway is created in your brain after which it becomes your second nature.

This is very similar to when you are learning to swim, or any new game. You need to keep doing the training till the details get passed to your subconscious after which things become very easy.

It is important to mention here that science has medically proved that neuroplasticity is the phenomenon by which the brain restructures and remodels throughout our life based on life experiences and thought patterns.

Hence it is imperative on our part to be a guard to our thoughts.

Now coming back to positive affirmations.

The Latin word ‘affirmare’ became ‘affirmatio’ which gave birth to the word ‘affirmation.’ in late Middle English.It means ‘to strengthen.’.

Hence positive affirmations are auto suggestions that you give to yourself to strengthen your desire in achieving your goal.

positive affirmations

2. Why do you need to make positive affirmations a daily habit?

There is great power in repetition.

It is important to understand that a force no matter how small or weak can create massive change down the line just by the power of repetition.

You already know how water bodies make way for themselves by cutting mountain blocks or the rock formations caused by wind erosion.

Similarly, when we repeatedly practice positive affirmations, it causes your subconscious to believe that it is so.

You get more of what you consider to be true.

You need to make this a daily habit because when you repeatedly carry out this task with full conviction, it gets impregnated to your subconscious mind and once the blueprint is clear, the subconscious works to bring it to reality.

Hence the phrase,

“When you want something, the whole universe conspires to make it happen.”

3. How to make positive affirmation a daily ritual?

We all fall into this vicious cycle of complaining and then receiving more of the same. Sometimes people complain just because everybody else is complaining and it makes them socially acceptable.

However, it is paramount that you stay guard to your thoughts and watch out for any negative thoughts that come to your mind.

Be conscious of what you are thinking. It is like you have just cleaned your room and you will not allow anyone with dirty shoes to come inside.

You have tried the more accepted way of living which is to complain. You have complained enough about your debts, troubled relations, and nagging boss.

It did not help, did it?

Yes, you can say that it helped you release a bit of frustration but at what cost?

Hear me out and believe me when I say this. Watch out for any negative thought that comes your way and turn it into positive.

Relating to one of my personal experience here. I bore a grudge against a guy who had hurt me deeply. The effect was profound since he used to be a very close friend.

Years had passed to that incident, but whenever someone mentioned his name or anything about him, I felt a sting in my heart, a pinch in my stomach. Only after I realized that my thoughts are causing more harm to me, I repeated the words whenever such thoughts came to my mind.

” I forgive you of all the troubles. I am free, and you are free. My mind is at peace and free of any bad memories. I wish you the best in all your endeavors.”

I did this not for him but myself because I am in charge of how I feel.

control your emotions

4. Which statements can be called out as positive affirmations?

Any statement you say with a positive intent which encompasses a desired situation or a goal is a positive affirmation.

The only caveat is that it should be in present tense. You need to say this with full conviction as if you already have what you seek.

5. Positive affirmations to remove procrastination

Procrastination has off lately become a major challenge for many.

The habit to procrastinate usually starts at a young age when we think it is alright to push the task to the next day. This behavior gets printed in the subconscious which then pulls us back in our comfort zone resulting in postponing the action.

This leads to unfinished projects, half filled commitments and missed timelines.This cycle repeats, and we accept in our mind that we are not capable of achieving anything worthwhile.

Positive affirmations have the power to cure this malignant behavior.

Repeat some the lines which appeal to you or make few of your own taking the hint from below:

  • I am in charge of my mind and body, and I get things done.
  • My reasons to succeed are far greater than my reason to postpone.
  • I am a winner who leads by action.
  • I have the talent and patience to take my tasks to completion.
  • It is essential that I succeed and I will not have it any other way.

Repeat the lines by feeling every word. Feel your words igniting every cell in your body.

Repeat till there is a burning desire in you to succeed. It is then you will be free of the pangs of procrastination.

subconscious mind                    subconscious mind                   subconscious mind

6. Positive affirmations to heal relations

Man is a social animal and has an inherent need to be accepted and appreciated socially.

We need to maintain and nourish relations with the people who matter to us. They are our strength and our shelter when we get wounded by our daily battles.

How often have you thanked your dad for helping you out with various chores throughout your childhood? Do you take out time to love and thank your mother for uncountable things she has done for you? When did you last say words of appreciation and love to your spouse for just being there when you need them?

The list goes on. Take out time to show love, affection, and appreciation to everyone who comes in contact with you.

Life is like a mirror. It reflects what you have to show. Use some of the positive affirmations from the list below to improve various relations.

  • I am loved and respected by all.
  • Love and affection come naturally to me and I radiate the same towards all.
  • I deeply care for ( take the name to improve a particular relation) because she/ he was always there when I needed someone(state your reason).
  • I rejoice in the love I receive every day.
  • My wife/husband complements me in every way, and we find true bliss in each other’s company.

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage – Lao Tzu

7. Positive affirmation to incredible success

Always keep in mind that success is your for the taking.

The odds are one in 400 trillion to be a human among all the other species, and you will not squander this opportunity by being mediocre.

Infuse every cell in your body with the desire to succeed. Create a goal and hit it.Period.

Some positive affirmations to rewire your brain for success.

  • Success is mine for the taking
  • I am improving every day and getting closer to my goals
  • I have all the skills and knowledge to bring my dreams to reality.
  • My actions are firm and confident backed by a strong will power and a clear mindset.
  • I compete with no one but myself hence I am not moved by what others have to say.
  • My reasons drive me to hustle and I have my own version of success which does not need any validation from others.

success motivation

8. Affirmations to prosperity

Each one of us is entitled to an abundant and prosperous life.

It is not an elusive or esoteric thing that only some of us can have. You can open the gates to prosperity by developing a mindset about it.

Remove desperation and feeling of longingness from your mind. Fill your mind with thoughts of prosperity with these words of positive affirmations.

  • I am thankful for a happy and prosperous life.
  • I give to those in need and hence shall receive.
  • New opportunities come to me in different ways.
  • I am incredibly grateful for what I have which is plenty.
  • I prosper in whatever I do
  • Abundance comes to me in expected and unexpected ways.
  • I have plenty to pay all my bills, and I thank each service providers for the benefits of their service.

subconscious mind                    subconscious mind                   subconscious mind

9. Affirmations to Heal the world

We learned of how out thoughts affect our reality. We have created our own reality and are the only ones responsible for it.

Our world is no different. There is disturbance outside because there is chaos inside. If each one of us takes care of themselves, then the world will already be at peace.

  • Everything in this world is how it should be, in total peace and harmony.
  • I live in a peaceful and prosperous world.
  • This place has enough for everyone’s need
  • Everyone falls under a single roof of humanity. We are humans first before becoming a citizen of a particular country, a follower of a particular faith or religion.
  • I project love, happiness, and prosperity towards all.

There is a lovely quote by Will Smith

“I’ll consider my life of some worth if at least one person breathes easily because of me.”

10.Affirmations of positive health

You have one life to do all that you wish to do and one body to do it with.

It is essential that you take care of your body very diligently. A machine I when handled well requires less maintenance.

It is very baffling that people take care of their car more than they take care of themselves. They will protect their smartphones with safety covers but expose their body to all sorts of hazards.

Take extreme care of your body for you do not get a replacement.

Use some of the positive affirmations below to program your subconsciousness.

  • I am in full control of what I eat, drink and think and my body responds with radiant health and energy.
  • It is important that I stay healthy hence I exercise on a regular basis
  • I respect my body and feel thankful for every cell and organ for working correctly.
  • I understand the importance of staying fit and healthy and act by the needs of my body.
  • My body supports me completely in all my activities by keeping me in a perfectly healthy condition.

subconscious mind                    subconscious mind                   subconscious mind

11.Subconscious and positive affirmation connection

You need to understand that positive affirmations are not merely calling out words and daydreaming.

It is a very efficient method to reprogram your subconscious to take you to greater heights. Once you accept the idea of your affirmations, your subconscious will guide you by your belief.

You will begin to make firm decisions, write fantastic articles, speak fluently or whatever it is you believed was impossible.
Make a 20-day pact to yourself to watch out for any negative thoughts that come to your mind and convert it into a positive one.Do not indulge in complaining about yourself or others even in a casual manner.

Your subconscious will accept anything and everything which you say. It manifests any thought be it good or bad.

subconscious mind factsLast thoughts ..

To summarize, all I want to say is that you have lived enough with complaints, regrets, and misfortunes. It is time to take charge of your life by taking control of your thoughts.

“The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the Impossible.”

Stay blessed,


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