Why you should not be jealous of your friend’s car or his girlfriend- Life lessons on overcoming jealousy, being patient, and full of faith

It was a Saturday evening. I was brainstorming over yet another blog idea. It was then I received a WhatsApp ping from my college buddy. He had just purchased a new shining car and had sent the pic of him and his wife in the car. I don’t know what was shining more, the care or his teeth. It was then I realized that I might have been stung by jealousy.

Don’t get me wrong.

I wish nothing but the best for everyone and especially wish all the success and joy to my close ones. It is just that when you see someone succeeding in their life, you start questioning your decisions and cannot help but wonder if you made a wise decision by choosing the ‘road less traveled’.

The Internal Conflict

You might have been in a situation like mine where someone close has been succeeding in leaps and bound whereas you are toiling for any visible growth.

See the thing is that me and my friend, we studied together, played, partied and bunked classes together. He decided to go ahead and pursue his post-grad in management while I decided to join a company after my computer engineering and recently start my blogging career.

I had my reasons to opt out of the corporate race and live life by doing what I love to do.

I was absolutely certain of my decision then but there are situations like these which trigger an enormous tsunami of internal conflict.

Did I take the right decision? Did I give it all to chase after an uncertain future? Was I selfish to not think of my family before taking the step?

The thought which absolutely burns my intestine is that all of this material success could have been mine had I convinced my mind ( actually heart) to stick to the basic plan.

Overcoming depression

Humans are emotional being and no matter how much we motivate our mind towards our goal, our hearts sink a little when we do not see things going our way.

The pain aggravates when people around us succeed and our relatives ‘sympathize’ us with their ‘I told you so’ look.

Whenever you encounter such feelings which you will, pull yourself back to your reasons. I knew I wanted myself out of the corporate race because I wanted to be free and do the things I love. Let your reasons guide you in these ‘low personal moments’.

Acknowledge the strength of your soul who has decided not to follow the crowd. You are on a purpose which is bigger than yourself. When you achieve your goals, which you will, you not only manifest your desires but also serve as a guiding light to so many others who need courage and inspiration to start their journey.

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When I gave some more thoughts on what looked like signs of jealousy, I realized that this feeling does not make any sense.

If you plant an apple seed, you will get an apple tree, not mangoes. If you wanted mangoes, well you should have started by deciding on the seed first.

Adding to that, if you decide to go to a modern town, even before you’ve reached there, you will start noticing billboards, neon signs, skyscrapers, and fast cars. Similarly, if you had plans to visit the countryside, you start seeing beautiful stretches of fields, may be a river or mountains.

The sights that you see depends on the where you are heading to. Likewise, all these material riches are signs that you see on the way to your goal. How soon or later you get them depends on the path you have chosen for yourself.

I am no ascetic. I fancy nice cars and big houses. It is just that now I know that the mountain which I wish to climb is a bit too high. The road to it is bit twisted. The climb will be tough but it will be one hell of a view from the TOP !!

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The best fighter is always quiet

It is true. The best fighters are always quiet. They do not exhibit any signs of jealousy or anxiety. They know their capabilities and the strength of their strike.

“The reason Tiger does not fear the hyena is that he is aware of his own strength” – Paulo Coelho

You are competing with your yesterday. So, the only person in question should be you. If you live by this code, then it does not leave any scope of jealousy jaundicing your thoughts and blackening your heart. You have this one life. Be conscious of your strengths and hustle, for the sky is the limit.

Stay Blessed

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