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Part 1 – An Introduction

There is quite a buzz around Neuro Linguistic Programming. I am committed to sharing with my readers every possible means to lead a richer, abundant and purposeful life, so I decided to explore this field and test it for myself.

It turned out that the buzz is all for the good reasons. Neuro Linguistic Programming is a  very structured and well-researched set of practices to guide people towards a better life.

Unlike in psychology and psychotherapy and various similar fields which are based on the pretext that people are broken, Neuro Linguistic Programming (or NLP) works on the principle that people are perfect.

It does not like other fields point out any defects or lack in a person’s life but help people realize their true potential and bring those to light.

One of the fundamental grounds on which Neuro Linguistic Programming is based is that People have all the resources they need for their success.  NLP thus acts as a vehicle to dive deep within and fetch the resources and capabilities that lie within us.

Sharing a small story.

According to one of the legends, once Gods were meeting to discuss the fate of the human beings on Earth. Anxious by the rapid success and growth, they had decided to withdraw the powers of the human being and keep it to a secret place so as to limit their growth.

There were various suggestions from various Gods. Some suggested to hide it deep in the ocean or up in the clouds. But, they knew that it is just matter of time before the humans reach these places.

Then came a suggestion to which all of them agreed. It was decided that since humans try to find answers to anything that is external to them so it is best that their true potential should be hidden inside them.

With that story to serve as a background, let us dig deeper into the realm of Neuro Linguistic Programming.


What are the basic components of NLP?

Neuro Linguistic Programming, by the name itself, hints at its three basic components.

1. Neuro – The neuro part of this school of thought deals with how our neurology is affected by our subjective experience. Try thinking of yourself trapped in a dense, dark jungle with creepy noises in the background. Do this with your eyes closed.

If you are committed to this thinking, you would notice a sudden sense of unrest and a feeling of being uncomfortable. You are still sitting in front of your computer or a handheld device but you were able to experience the fear just by using your thoughts.

Thus the neuro aspect of the NLP which discusses and helps us understand how our thoughts affect our reality.


2.Linguistic – Linguistic part of this program helps us identify how we communicate with others and ourselves. Words have a strong effect on our thinking and the perception we create about something. Try this for an experiment.

Read the next few short lines and focus on the image that gets formed by adding the attributes to the previous image.

  • A man, tall, old , Rich and prosperous, Lives alone, Does not talk to anyone, aggressive, makes secret donations to orphanages.

Did you notice how your perception varied by using different words?

NLP helps us understand how our choice of words can change the overall experience.

I love this quote from Les Brown – Don’t say I am having a bad day, say I am having a character building day.

Whenever I am going through a challenging day, I recall the above quote and it just changes the whole perspective in which I see my problems. Give it a try when you are going through a tough day.


3.Programming – Our mind can be best understood if we think it like a computer. Our thoughts and belief-system form the core operating system. That is why some of the people are able to use the same set of resources that are available to all and magnify it while others lose even what they are blessed with.

neuro linguistic programming

The above figure clearly depicts how the change in the built in program can yield different results for the same input.

The quality of your software will determine the quality of your experience. 

This is where Neuro Linguistic Programming comes into the picture.

NLP is needed to upgrade our built in software.

Read more about the definition of NLP.


Motive behind Neuro Linguistic Programming

Richard Bandler and John Grinder are the brains behind this pragmatic school of thought. They created this system and its techniques to understand the language of our mind (subconscious mind).

Read here to get started with the magic of the subconscious mind.

Last year, I was in Ireland for a couple of months. It is a beautiful country. However, their accent was very different from mine. So, there was a natural struggle to communicate effectively.

I am a vegetarian and it happened more than once that I had ordered Veg Salad and I got something else entirely.

It happened because the channel of communication was not clear enough. This is what happens in our lives. We strive for abundance, happiness, and peace and get chaos, troubles, and hardships in return.

Your subconscious gives you what it believes you have asked for.

We may be thinking about getting rich but constantly worried about being in debt. You get more of what you complain about.

Also read about the Universal Law of Attraction


We do not respond to Reality but Our Perception of Reality

Our teachers, parents, friends, and family have played a major role in shaping our beliefs and values. We use these beliefs as a yardstick to measure any experience.

Different life events and incidents create different emotions towards those experiences. As a result, every person carries with himself a unique map of the world. These experiences and belief system can act as a springboard for some and a trap for others.

Now the work of Neuro Linguistic Programming is to help people realize the cause of their actions and bring to their conscious awareness what they are doing and make changes if necessary. So rather than reacting in Life, people can respond in a much more reasonable manner.

Hence NLP is not positive or negative thinking but useful thinking.


Benefits of Neuro Linguistic Programming training

There are numerous direct and indirect benefits of NLP training. The training in NLP helps you become in charge of your thoughts and emotions. You start to think more clearly and in line with your goals.

It helps you communicate more effectively and focuses your mind to gather all the resources that are necessary for your success. It improves the skills that you are good at and removes the blocks that hold you back.

I am on my way to become a certified NLP practitioner. I would be sharing my learnings and any other useful things that I come across. This is an ever evolving subject with new discoveries and case studies emerging every day.

Neuro Linguistic Programming is for sure a very effective and structured means to reprogram the subconscious mind for success. If you are not able to attend the training program physically then you can give online NLP training courses a try.

Below is one of such Neuro Linguistic Programming training course from Udemy.

NLP Practitioner Certification Course (Beginner to Advanced)

Hopefully I was able to answer some of your questions regrading what is neuro linguistic programming and how does it work. Stay tuned for the next part in this series where we explore on the methods and practices that are part of NLP  and how you can use them to get anything that you want.

Stay Blessed


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