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Mind Power is a creative force of nature that resides within us which we can use to direct towards the desired outcome.It is the ability to turn our inner belief to reality, to attract into our lives that we focus.

Taking an analogy from the scientific world, we know that whatever we heat expands (grows).

Similarly, our thoughts, like any other thing in this universe is a form of energy. These thoughts, however, keep changing and are short lived. As a result, they are a weak or diffused form of energy.

Now if we use the power of repetition and focus on these thoughts, then our mind power can act as a magnifying glass to turn these dissipative forces into a considerable amount of energy.

This, as a result, causes whatever we focus on to grow (expand).

If we focus on wealth and prosperity that is what we get. If you, however, choose to concentrate more on your problems, then you are burdened with more of the same.

Mind power

1.What are mental blocks

Mental blocks are the limiting factors that get formed in our life without our knowledge or consent.

We have been very cautious of the type of food we eat. If we eat junk, at the least, we are aware that the food is a junk category and we need to eat less of the same.

But, when it comes to thoughts or ideas, we just simply process and inculcate whatever comes our way.

Monks and sages refer to our mind as “monkey mind” for it keeps jumping from one thought to another and accepting it as the reality.

We have been processing information, ideas, and suggestions through our senses right from our childhood and weakening our mind power.

Our parents fear turned into our fear, our teacher’s version of ourselves became our reality. Our relatives ideas became our belief, and our friend’s decisions became our accepted truth.

Whenever we got a new idea, we passed it into our subconscious because it was a socially accepted and a validated idea.

How often have you heard phrases like, “This world is a nasty place,” “Money is Evil,” “People who succeed are destined to do so,” ”My life is a mess,” “I am not good enough,” etc. ?

There might have been instances when people have directly given you feedback that you are not good enough for a particular job. That there is a lot of competition and you will not make it.

Stand guard to such thoughts.

Like how you decide what to eat, similarly choose what to hear, accept and believe.

If you casually take anything that people have to offer, then you give control of your peace, happiness, and success in some other hand and you end up being a puppet to external conditions.

In this life, you are continuously traveling from one place to another, from one phase of life to another. Do not carry this extra load of doubt, hate, fear and regrets.

“External opinions are like extra luggage. You do not need them while traveling – SecretSifu”

2. How to use mind power to remove the thoughts of fear?

Fear is a state of mind and does not exist in reality.

There are two categories of fear. One is favorable fear which helps us in the case of emergency or a dangerous situation.

Eg. , when crossing a road, you are alert because you can get hit by a vehicle, or when you are around a fire or heavy machinery. Such fear helps us to keep us safe from any injuries or accidents.

The other category is unfavorable or abnormal fear.

These are false situations that we have impressed upon our subconscious. Since the work of subconscious is lifeward, it tries to keep us safe by conjuring false images to scare us or alert us so that we avoid the activity altogether.

If you find yourself scared or hesitant to speak in public, start a new venture or maintain relations, then it is because of the fear that is embedded in your subconscious.

One of my close friends would never take the elevator no matter how many floors he would need to climb.

Situations like these are very similar to the monster that was in our closet or under our bed which vanished once we turned on the lights.

To relieve yourself of such fear, you need to take help of your mind power and realize that the fear in your mind is nothing but a false thought.

You can train your mind to correct the distorted reality in your subconscious.

One of the most efficient ways is to practice positive affirmation with visualization

For instance, repeat the words below if you are afraid of speaking in public:

  • I am confident and fluent in my speech.
  • People love what I have to offer.
  • I have prepared and researched thoroughly on my subject and can answer or handle any queries.
  • My speech is going to help some if not all in the audience.
  • Another important step is to visualize. Focus on the image of you speaking before a large crowd and people appreciating your talk with applauses and praises.

Also, it had helped me a lot when I started doing activities that scared me.

Pick up activities that make you nervous and muster all your mind power to sign up for them. Once you accomplish it, you will realize that the fear was just like that monster from your childhood which never existed.

subconscious mind                    subconscious mind                    subconscious mind

3. How to harness mind power to remove self-doubt?

Self-doubt is the most vicious criminal of all times. It has killed more dreams than any other factor.

It is nothing but a result of the limiting factors that have paralyzed our belief system.

We always tend to overthink about our opportunities and find a reason to talk ourselves out of it.

We deem ourselves incapable either because of our financial background, educational qualifications, social status or at times because our relatives or friends or parents believe so.

There is the only person who talks, eats, thinks and behaves like you.

This universe needs you as you are. You are a unique entity, and your dreams and aspirations are unique to yourself. It does not need validation and approval of others. You got to see and believe in it even before anyone else sees any sense in it.

Train yourself in the field of your choice and develop your mind power to be nothing but the best version of yourself.

Repeat to yourself:

  • I have indomitable will and courage to take on my task.
  • I am who I am, and I am going to better myself every single day.
  • My life is mine to control. I am the producer, director, and the actor of my movie.

mind power

4. Mind power and a magnetic personality

We all have that one friend or a close one who connects easily with everyone and gets in convivial discussions.

In today’s world, it is crucial to establish a connection with as many people as possible and as quick as possible.

There is a saying that your network is your net worth.

Andrew Carnegie, the steel giant, had an amazing connection with his employees. He would remember the names of most of his subordinates and workers. There were many people in his company who knew more about steel, but he knew how to handle people and that attributed to his success.

Same was the case with President Roosevelt or President Obama, who would connect with people as soon as they spoke.

They all possessed a magnetic personality.

If you feel that you are an introvert or find it difficult to establish a connection with people then again it has more to do with your thinking and belief system than any other factor.

Once you start to recognize the possibilities of the mind power, you can use it to improve the way you deal with people.

Say aloud the words below with full conviction.

  • I respect, appreciate and love everyone for who they are.
  • I am open to discussions and give appreciations and receive feedback with ease.
  • I am an attentive listener and genuinely interested in the welfare of others.
  • I am proactive in helping others and do this for the sheer joy of it.

subconscious mind                    subconscious mind                    subconscious mind

5. How to train your mind for inner peace

Mind power for many is almost synonymous with inner peace, and that is true at so many levels.

I am sure you must have tried or seen someone make a pyramid structure out of the playing cards. Do you recall, how carefully you placed each card so that the structure gets formed?

You are that important single card in this giant layout of cards, and if you are not at peace with yourself,  you will disturb the delicate balance that exists.

You do not need to go to mountains or become a monk overnight to attain this peace. Here again, your mind power will come to your rescue.

You attain peace when you decide to take control of your life in your hand. It is when you determine that no external factor or situation will govern how you feel, is when you will be at peace.

You have the power to choose how you want to respond to any situation.

Do not get me wrong. I am not asking you to get emotionless but to not react at everything that happens to you.

We loose our mental peace at little things like bad weather, long queues, when someone overtakes on the road when customer service does not fix our problems soon. The list is endless.

If we are in this habit of losing our mind at the drop of a hat, then we will never find a shortage of things that boils our blood.

Below are few statements that will help you guard your mental peace.

  • I am alone responsible for how I feel.
  • I have full control over how I think, act and feel.
  • I choose to respond rationally and not to react to every other stimulus.
  • This mental peace is a hard earned prize, and I will not squander away with it for petty reasons.

6. Mind power and motivation for success

Everyone has come to this world with a timer behind their back. It is ticking whether you sleep, whether you eat, whether you party or whether you hustle.

It is a decision which you need to make.

You can be just another passerby or be someone who touched and transformed lives of others.

Develop a mindset of dedication and use the mind power to fuel your body and soul to keep marching forward.

There is no other way. You got to spend time at your craft and be the best version that is out there.

Finest of steel has to go through the hottest fire.

So pass this simple idea to your subconscious. The success is your for the taking, and you will not have it any other way.

There is another very significant aspect to this whole idea of success.

It is that when one shifts the mindset from just a consumer to a contributor, he/she will start on the journey to success. You need to understand the value of giving if you wish to receive. Think carefully about how your talents are going to provide value addition in people’s life.

Repeat the words below to strengthen your mind power:

  • I resolve to improve every single day
  • I am a champion who does not quit on his goals
  • I will do whatever it takes to achieve what is rightfully mine.
  • I stop not when I am tired but when I am done.
  • I am going to make it because my life depends on it.

Mind Power

7. Use mind power to remove negative habits and build positive ones

Habits are your repeated actions and actions are formed because of your thoughts. It is like you need to reverse engineer to fix your problems.

We live in a kind of a dual universe.

One that exists within us and one on the outside, on the material plane.

Our inner thoughts and beliefs create our internal universe which is responsible for our mental, balance, and harmony. The two realities keep pushing and reinforcing one another.

So if we modify the universe inside, we can change what exists outside.

For example, if you are guilty of a short temper, then visualize yourself showing care, empathy to others. Feel that you have become a very empathetic person who gives priority to opinions of others.

subconscious mind factsLast thoughts …

The concept of duality is a very useful piece of knowledge which should be used not just to change your habits but remodel your life in any manner you want. If your intent is right and your belief is strong then what you envision within will manifest.

Do let us know your invaluable thoughts on this and what you want to read more.

Stay Blessed

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