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Meditation has off lately become a widely discussed topic. The world has started celebrating 21st June as International Yoga Day. Why is there a sudden spike in the interest in meditation?

The reason is simple. People are beginning to realize that short term fixes are no longer going to solve their deep-rooted problems.

The world has suffered enough from alcohol and drug abuse. There have never been more cases of anxiety and depression before.

Meditation has now become the ultimate tool to clear the chaos within.

1.What is Meditation?

Meditation simply put is relaxation. It is the process by which we consciously choose to unwind and clear our mind.

Most of us have been in a situation when the food was very delicious, and we indulged in overeating.We stuffed ourselves so much that we felt dizzy, uneasy and difficult even to get up.

Similar is the situation when we burden ourselves by the constant bombardment of thoughts.

On an average, a human mind thinks around 60,000 thoughts in a day. Most of these are repetitive and suggestive thoughts that have been induced by what we see, touch and hear from our surroundings.

Then there are thoughts of fear, jealousy, hatred and guilt that further make us feel exhausted.

Meditation is that process of cleansing your mind.

It helps unclutter those energy draining thoughts and brings you in touch with the inner source of wisdom, joy, happiness and harmony.



2. Why do we need to Meditate daily?

Meditation like any other activity improves on practice.

Initially, it might seem worthless and even impossible to sit quietly and focus. But that restlessness and the inability to sit reflects the degree of imbalance that exists within you.

By repeating this process daily, we unfold deeper layers of the subconscious.

There are many biological and spiritual benefits of meditation:

  • It helps bring down stress level by dissolving unnecessary thoughts.
  • You are able to safeguard your mental peace by choosing the thoughts to reflect on.
  • You start making better decisions.
  • Your sleeping and food habits improve. This goes hand in hand. When you start practicing meditation daily, you will realize that you need the right intake of food and sleep for better meditation and vice versa.
  • It improves the immune system because more often than not it is our thoughts that take a toll on our body. Better and positive thoughts lead to a healthy body.

The list goes on…

People are experiencing new benefits which are nothing short of a miracle. You can google about the innumerable benefits but what I am trying here is to ask you to realize its life changing ability and include it in your daily routine.

subconscious mind   subconscious mind  subconscious mind

3. How can Meditation make you super focused?

Of all the things that meditation has given me, I believe the most prized result has been to experience a new level of concentration and focus.

Using meditation as the medium, I was able to reprogram my subconscious for improved focus. Their results reinforced each other and it helped me gain a new level of concentration which I had never experienced.

This has helped me carry out my day job activities and squeeze out enough time for my blog and other internet ventures.

Take an example of a razor sharp knife. It can be used cut vegetables, open a sealed package or any other things for that matter.

Similarly, if you have a razor sharp focus, it can help you cut through any task at your hand.

You can use it make great presentations, solve complex logic issues, maintain great relations or learn something new.

If I have more work and less time to complete then I will meditate for two hours instead of one – Mahatma Gandhi

4. How Meditation leads to mindfulness?

Mindfulness if simply stated means being present at the moment.

With so many thoughts occupying the mind, it gets difficult to focus, enjoy or experience the moment to its fullest.

We take a day off to spend time with family only to be worried about the presentation next day, or when we are preparing that presentation, all we can think of is the little time we get with the family.

The monks refer this state of mind as monkey-mind for it keeps jumping from one thought to another thus not allowing us to savor the fruits of any one tree.

Since the basis of meditation is a thoughtless state, its practice helps us to be fully present at the moment.


5. Meditation and brain waves findings

There are five different types of brain waves which are categorized based on their frequency.

When we meditate, we move from higher to a lower frequency.Each wave activates different centers in the brain.

a . Gamma State: (30 — 100Hz) This is the state when we are most active.This state is an ideal state to assimilate and retain information.

b. Beta State: (13 — 30Hz) This is the state where we function for most of the time using our logical and analytical part of the brain to make numerous decisions

c. Alpha State: (9 — 13Hz) This is the state when we feel relaxed and at peace. This state is reached when doing activities that give us pleasure like walking in the woods, sitting on the beach or practicing yoga.

d. Theta State: (4 — 8Hz) This is the point when we reach a meditative state. The mind is clear of any noise and free of random thoughts.

This is the moment of pure bliss where we get in touch with our intuition. There is a better balance between both our hemispheres. Our mind becomes suggestive to ideas, and we use this state for visualization practices.

e. Delta State: (1—3 Hz) This state is reached by people who have been practicing meditation for decades.

This is a state of heightened awareness and intuition with complete access and control of the subconscious. People were observed to reach this state even in the case of deep dreamless sleep.

subconscious mind  subconscious mind  subconscious mind

6. How to tap into the limitless reservoir of Subconscious mind?

Our subconscious has all the answer to help us live a richer and fuller life.

It has saved all the events, memories and information since our birth and can thus guide us in the most effective way possible.

We cannot see our reflection in water if the water is not still or is dirty.

Similarly, if we need to gain access to our inner self which is our subconscious, then we need to calm down our mind.

We can listen to our inner voice only when we reduce the inner noise – SecretSifu

Meditation helps you differentiate between what is your subconscious motivation and what is just a random thought.

Once you start identifying the inner voice or intuition and start abiding by them, your life will change in remarkable ways.

7. Simplest way to meditate

There are many different ways to meditate, and you can choose the approach which appeals to you. Here I will share the steps which worked for me.

  • Sit in a quiet place with your legs crossed and with your fingers clasped on your lap.
  • Remember to sit upright and calm yourself.
  • Begin to watch your breath. Watch yourself inhale and exhale.
  • Do not force your breathing. Just sit and observe your breath.
  • Slowly you will observe that your breath will shorten.
  • Do not chase any thoughts that come to your mind. Pull your focus back to your breath.
  • Gradually you will reach the thoughtless state.
  • Do not worry if you feel slight pain or sensation in your head. This is due to different regions of your brain getting activated.

The best part about this style of meditation is that you can practice small sprints of meditation throughout the day.

Wherever you are, if you are sitting quietly, pull away from all the thinking and start observing your breath. Do this for a minute or so to refresh yourself.

subconscious mind factsLast Thoughts …

This takes some time and perfection but mark my words. Once you experience the bliss of the thoughtless state, you will want to return again.

The continued practice will bring remarkable changes in the way you feel, act and think.

Stay Blessed,


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