Creative Visualization Techniques like never before: 9 simple steps to Mastery

Creative Visualization techniques are a very practical way of harnessing Universe’s creative forces to manifest your dreams. To an outsider, it might appear to be a dippy hippy affair and of no consequence but in reality, it is a very powerful tool to attract abundance and happiness in your life.

We are going to explore the creative visualization techniques and methods, why they work and some of the success stories in support of this practice.

Creative Visualization Techniques: An Overview

The creative visualization techniques are the methods using which we create a clear blueprint of our goals in our mind or our subconscious to be precise. By repeating this process, the image of our goal becomes crystal clear. It is then the subconscious conjures up all the resources to bring our thoughts to reality.

Our thoughts create our Reality – Buddha

Many successful actors, athletes, and businessmen alike have attributed the creative visualization techniques to their success.

These successful people believe that by visualizing specific behaviors or scenarios, we change energy patterns to draw our goals and desires to us.

In fact, you have been using this creative power unknowingly for a long time. But instead of harnessing it to use it to your benefit, you have been creating more troubles for yourself than you would have hoped for.

Like any other scientific laws of the Universe, this too is a very empirical process. In order to reap the favorable results, you need to be aware of the fundamentals that govern this practice.


Why does visualization work?

Have you encountered a moment in your life when you are just too excited for an idea? You felt that it could really work. Then shortly you hear this inner voice inside of you questioning your decisions and eventually, you talk yourself out of it.

This internal dialogue is a result of the belief patterns that have infested your subconscious. These limiting beliefs hold you back and what worse is that they would result in your eventual failure even though you consciously crave for the taste of success.

These conflicting internal dialogues can be changed by creative visualization techniques.

Learn how to remove the mental blocks that hold you back.

If you follow the visualization techniques with full conviction and focus on your goals then it would accomplish following very important things

a. You alter the beliefs that have been embedded in your subconscious since your childhood.  As a result, the subconscious will now push you towards your desires rather than pulling you back.It will guide you in form of ideas and intuitions.

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b. Your brain actively starts searching for resources and tools that will bring you closer to your goals.

It is just like when you purchase a new car, you will start noticing the same car on the road.This your brain’s innate ability to filter out the unnecessary.


c. Your subconscious uses the creative forces of nature, one of which has been named as the Law of Attraction to fulfill the task at hand.You will notice that you will come in contact with the right people and resources that will take you a step closer to your goal.

This should not come as a surprise to you.The work of your subconscious is life-ward.

You might have heard stories of how a child lifted a heavy log to rescue his friend, or how a mother chased away five abductors to save her child, or how you run like Bolt when chased by a dog.

When your subconscious sees that you need it bad, it releases the required energy to complete the task.


d. Most importantly, it builds up that internal motivation to fight against all naysayers and judgemental relatives and colleagues.


e. It has been scientifically proven that incidents that involve a high degree of emotions remain locked in our brain. We need to leverage this fact and carry out our creative visualization techniques with powerful and strong emotions.

The more passion, excitement, and energy we bring during visualization, the sooner the results will come.


f. You would be guided by your heart to take actions that you would have avoided normally. These are the actions that would draw you closer to success.


g. According to Wikipedia, there is a therapeutic application of creative visualization techniques. The change in mental imagery leads to emotional stability, reduce stress and pain.

Specifically, the patient instead of recollecting and reconstructing distressing events and intensifying disturbing feelings can start feeling cognitive clarity, inner peace, and contentment.

Check the wiki link

creative visualization techniques


How do you visualize using the Creative Visualization Techniques?

1. Fix your Goal

The first step to realizing your goal is to have a clear picture of what it is that you want. The goal can be a physical object like a house, a car, money or intangible like mental peace, happiness or better health.

Whatever you choose, remember to be definitive in the idea of your goal.

This is very similar to deciding upon the destination and feeding the location in your GPS. This needs to be carried out even before you start your journey.

It is advisable that in your initial days, you choose a goal that seems fairly achievable. Then as you grow and learn to navigate your ways through inner conflict and self-doubt you can hit on those audacious goals on the bucket list.


2.1 Strengthen the mental image by adding details 

The first step was to fix upon the goal. The next and very important stuff is to add details to it.

The creative visualization techniques will not be much effective if you set vague targets. If it is a brand new car that you desire, then your mental image should have the company logo, color, model and any other specifications that you can think of.

The catch here is to think of it in the present tense.

Feel yourself riding the car. Feel your hand over the steering wheel and the look of pride and joy on your face as you steer your way through the streets.

Add the sound of the engine, the fragrance of the car, anything and everything that will make that mental image stick in your mind.

My goal is to gift my parents a wonderful house with finest of furniture and other luxuries in it. I prefer making a mental movie in which I take them through every room and show them the cool stuff around the house.

I would love to hear what you wish for and how do you plan to visualize about it in the comment section.


2.2 Create a picture gallery

There is another approach to strengthening your mental images and that is by collecting and pasting images of the objects of your desire.

You can have a physical notebook and use it to paste the pictures or you can maintain a word file with the digital pictures.

The benefits are manifold if you have a picture which depicts the goal as already achieved.

Taking the example of your dream ride, you can go to a car dealer and get that photo or request a friend who has that car to let you in and click a photo.


2.3 Use Index cards

Some prefer large meals, while some opt for small courses of multiple meals. The use of index cards is similar to the latter.

You need to create 3×5 sized multiple cards and have your goal written out on them. Now during the day, whenever you get time, take out those cards, read them and practice visualization for 10-15 seconds. Focus on completion of your goals in a perfect desired state.


2.4 Expedite the process with positive affirmations

Positive affirmations are the positive self-talk that you do to attract the people and resources in your life. Affirmations are an excellent supplement to creative visualization techniques.

When you practice affirmations, you convert any discouraging or limiting thoughts into a positive and liberating one. These messages further aid in reprogramming the subconscious mind to success.

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2.5 Visualization after meditation

I strongly suggest you meditate once daily if you are not already doing it.

To get started, here is the perfect article to get you started – Learn the simplest way to meditate.

Meditation brings you to a very relaxed state. It is during this relaxed state that your brain is most receptive to ideas and suggestions. This is the best time to practice creative visualization techniques.


2.6 Mix and Match

If you have been to the gym, then you probably know that for best results, you need to mix the exercises. Similarly, to accelerate the process of realization of your goals, mix the strategies as you see fit.


3. Repeat the Exercise

Repetition is the key. Water cuts through the rock because of its power of persistence. Cut through your negativity by repeating the creative visualization techniques.


4. Be positive about your goal 

It is highly important and absolutely necessary that you do not bring desperation into your thoughts.

It is quite natural for us to be anxious for immediate results. Our anxiousness and depression prolong the fulfillment of our desires. 

Your task is to sow the seeds. You cannot force it to become a tree overnight. Be patient and protective of your idea. Nourish it with positive thoughts and affirmations.

 Just like while swimming, if you stay calm you float, if you get anxious, you drown!


5. Stick to your ritual and do not overdo it.

You cannot overdo it and expect immediate results. It does not work that way. Just like overeating leads to indigestion, overdoing this technique robs you of the joy of living in the moment.

This is a sacred ritual and should be practiced as such. Daily rituals help create the right balance between your present and future.

Be mindful and grateful for the surroundings around you and use the creative visualization techniques to create your future.

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6. Visualization techniques to master everyday emotion

You can use creative visualization techniques to master everyday emotions as well.

For instance, imagine yourself stuck in traffic. Unless it is not a do or die situation, visualize how you would react. Will you curse the people in front of you or will you use the red light or the traffic to practice short session of relaxed breathing?

Consider that you are presented a situation where you need to choose between your family and say a job opportunity ( or anything important for that matter). I will not tell you what you should pick (family). It depends on your priority (family) but if you are clear on such fronts, you never stumble and regret the decisions you make.

You know in your heart that you did what was best for you in that moment.

What other situations can you think of? Do let me know in the comments.


7. Prepare for Good and Bad alike

Your ultimate aim is to attain success. This is the only thing that you can control. You can make the perfect plan but you cannot control if things would go according to your plan.

It is understandably reasonable to assume that things might go wrong. So you need to have a course of steps embedded in your mind programs.

If everything goes as per plan, VOILA, you attain your goals. If things don’t work out, why bother, you still achieve your goals.


8. Creative Visualization Techniques: Walk the Talk

One of the most important steps in the visualization process is to support your mental imagery by your actions. You visualize about abundance and then later cry and complain about the lack of money or the credit card bills.

You have to become the thing you wish to attract. This is the essence of Law of Attraction. If you plan for a happy future, you need to be happy now. If you are grateful for what you have, you will be blessed with more of the same.

Don’t forget to check on the Universal Laws of Attraction.


9. Creative visualization success stories

Most of us feel comfortable to try something if we see it working for others. Hence presenting before you some of the success stories of creative visualization techniques.

Jack Canefield – Author of Chicken Soup for Soul

According to Jack, when he was in process of writing the book, he took a copy of New York Times best seller list, scanned it and using the same font and style, typed Chicken Soup into the number one position. He printed it and hung it in various places in the office.

Less than two years later, his book was number one on best seller list.

Other celebrities ranging from Oprah, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Anthony Robbins, Will Smith, Winston Churchill have attributed their success largely to the creative visualization techniques.

I suggest you see Jim Carrey’s video on Oprah’s show, in case you somehow missed it. He mentioned how he wrote himself a cheque for 10 million dollars, dated 1995 for his acting services.

He received over 10 million dollars for his movie Dumb and Dumber.

It’s all in the mind says, Arnold Schwarzenegger. He said, that even before he won the Mr. Universe title, he had won it in his head many times. He entered the contest like he owns the title.

Remember, what you are seeking is also seeking you.

I visualized where I wanted to be, what kind of player I wanted to become. I knew exactly where I wanted to go, and I focused on getting there.” – Michael Jordan

See the video below where Michael Phelps credits his success to not just to his physical workouts but also to his mental workouts. He gives equal importance to creating those mental images for success.


Last thoughts

Check out some more creative exercises in this article by Katherine Hurst

Our mind is really amazing. It can help us achieve great feats if we attune it to the laws of Nature. Apply the strategies shared in this post on creative visualization techniques and methods and create the life you deserve.


Stay Blessed


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