Conscious VS Subconscious- The secret the kings used to find out answers to any questions

Have you ever experienced the aha moment when the answer suddenly comes to your mind? Have you ever pondered over the might of conscious vs subconscious?  We have this innate curiosity where we need to find out the stronger of the two powerful forces. This was seen when the Batman vs Superman movie was made and this is seen when a child plays with his toys and tries to find out the stronger of the two characters.

Role of conscious VS subconscious to find the answer to any solution

All of us have given various exams since our kindergarten days. Do you recall the time when you had prepared very hard for your exams and later scribbled the answers? What happened when there was an out of syllabus questions (and there were many!)?

Life is like those examinations for which there is no fixed syllabus. You will be stumped time and again by the out of syllabus questions. You will ace in the situations for which you have prepared, but you may falter when life throws surprises at you.

This is what happens when you rely on your conscious mind for every solution. Do not get me wrong. Your conscious mind is critical in making any logical decision, but it is limited to the knowledge that you have acquired until know.

This is where the subconscious mind comes to the rescue. Our ancestors believed that our subconscious is aware of all that ever was and all that ever will be. This might sound fishy, but it is far from that.

Have you not ever experienced a feeling that something bad is going to happen or a sense of danger or joy. Have you been thinking about someone and they call you? Is it a coincidence or universal consciousness which is at work?

I had a friend in my college days who could sense if he was going to fall sick or if something bad was going to happen to him. Then there was another guy whose mother had a strong sense of premonitions. Of course, I discarded all these discussions as fantasies then but now I have understood that few of us are more aware of their subconscious guidance than others.

What if you could indeed talk to your subconscious and receive guidance on matters that have left you in a fix?

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I keep quoting Einstein because I want my readers to understand that all of this is not superficial and hypothetical suggestions but powerful ideas by some of the most brilliant thinkers of our times.

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and rational mind a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift. – Albert Einstein


How our ancestors derived answers from subconscious?

The conscious mind is time bound- separating past and future. The subconscious mind is timeless -past and future are simultaneous: -Dan Brule

I especially love the period of the kings with their huge armies and their stories of valor. The other thing which we get to understand from documents and scriptures is that they had priests and sages who would carry out extensive ritual to convince the subconscious mind of the supernatural.

It was then they posed the question of war, flood, and drought and it was their subconscious which guided them with intuitions and suggestions. Somehow, it all got diluted and what remained was a total sham.

Again, do not get me wrong for I have met people who are bang on with their predictions. I have seen a shade of life where I can say that I have experienced the supernatural. But that is a different story …

Conscious and Subconscious guidance in real life

conscious vs subconscious

Subconscious is the seat of your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and intuitions. If you really desire for success, then your subconscious will guide you with suggestions and intuitions. People often get a groundbreaking idea while they are not consciously thinking about it.

I have already talked about numerous discoveries that were made by subconscious motivation. Building on that list…

James Cameroon, a legendary director is said to have received the inspiration of ‘Terminator’ and ‘Avatar’ in his sleep.

Many of the literary marvels like ‘Frankenstein’s Monster’ and ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ have been acknowledged to be the result of the inspiration received while sleeping.

Also, the famous periodic table is a result of a subconscious motivation where Mendeleev saw the elements magically arranging themselves in a table.

There is a news report on Deccan Herald which says that Lady Gaga receives her inspiration for songs while sleeping.

I can go on and on. Leave these famous icons. Reflect upon your lives. How many times have you hashed and rehashed for answers only to find none and then later all of a sudden, something sparks up and just like that you have it.

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The subconscious is motivated by emotions and not reason – Leonardo DiCaprio

Whatever we impress upon the subconscious with enough conviction, belief, and emotion will turn to reality. We feel stuck because more than often we rely on our logical part of the brain to come to our rescue. But, life is not logical. It never was and it never will be.

The real challenge is that we are not aware of the presence of our subconscious mind. As a result, even if we hear a voice and feel a strong urge to act upon it, we fail to do so. We discard it to be just a random thought.

If you ever feel stuck about a business deal, career move, location change, investments, etc.  then put these questions to your subconscious just before you go to sleep.

Another approach when you are sure of the answer is to fill your conscious mind with the thoughts of fulfillment of your goals or the questions that bother you. Believe in the presence of the subconscious. Visualize the end result just the way you want it to be.

It is the combined effort of your conscious and your subconscious that will always pull you out of any situation. The final piece is to act upon the motivation. This will further reinforce the process and soon you will never be short of ideas for any given situation.

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Last thoughts …

The debate on conscious vs subconscious hence is a futile effort. We should focus on how to be cognizant of our subconscious and train the conscious mind to tap into its limitless potential. It is hence imperative that our conscious and subconscious mind work together to help us achieve our results. Our subconscious like the Universe is still unexplored. We only know that there are hidden secrets and answers waiting for those who seek.

Stay Blessed ..

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