Live Your Dream Life with Subconscious Mastery Principles
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Make friends with a Book
Sometimes you lose yourself in a book and sometimes you find yourself.
All the challenges that a person can face have been discussed and dealt with in a book.
Learn from some of the brightest minds of our times and apply their knowledge in your life.
I have sorted some of the best books to get you started.
Write your Questions to Me
Do you feel stuck in your life, your job, your relationship?

Do you need a friend, a mentor or a guide to listen to you and help you?


There is no person on this earth who is without a problem and yet there is no problem for which there

is no solution.


Talk to me and  I will help you out with a subconscious way to deal things.


Take charge of your life by reprogramming your subconscious.

Step 1: Ask Questions
Fill out the form below and ask anything that is troubling you in your life
Step 2: Receive the response
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The Author

Ayush Raj is a software engineer by profession and an avid learner of Subconscious and Mind over Matter Principles.
His blog has within a short time received love and appreciation and he wishes to extend his services at a global level
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